Constantinos Tolias


Constantinos is a multidisciplinary artistic individual with engineering background specialised in sustainable design and corporate consulting. 

A specialist problem solver that dares to experiment between mediums. He is currently the creative director of the group and works towards a sustainable future.


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Mike Siakovellis

Mike is a specialist web developer and software engineer. 

He transforms a design mockup to an interactive application for any device. His job is to design and develop applications , offering rich user experience through the usage of the latest technologies of the web development process.

 Also he has been experimenting with embedded systems using platforms like Arduino and Rassberry Pi.



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Athina Tolia


Athina is a highly skilled strategist, specialised in brand management, development, financial viability and sales. She is the back end manager of the group keeping track of all our projects.


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Our core associates at the moment are the following:






Vlassis Chatzialexandrou


Vlassis has been involved with various aspects of photography and creative direction for years. Coming from the Leica Academy of Athens, he became passionated with artistic photography. He also spent two years in Paris in order to expand his knowledge in the art of photography and optical identity.






… and other selected individuals depending on the project.






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